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Quality Outdoor Carports

Quality Outdoor Products Inc. is your premium carrier of a large array of metal products built for a wide variety of uses, such as carports and metal barns. QOP's goal is to help you match the right solution to meet your individual needs. There are countless reasons for choosing our products and services over competitors.

Lifetime warranty available on all homes sold through Dynamic Home Repair! This warranty covers electrical, plumping, HVAC, and kitchen appliances! "We know that home repairs are costly and inconvenient, that's why we protect the most important equipment in your home!"


Dynamic Home Repair Warranty


Land improvements & Site work

Family owned and operated business for over 45 years  offering a wide variety of services from excavating, demolition, foundations, septic system installation, retaining walls, pond systems, drainage systems, and hauling services. We also deliver top soil, fill, stone, and rock. 


Offers land in several different areas including Morgan and Marshall counties. Land purchases can be included in a home package. Come in today to find out more information!


Lee's Storm Shelters

All Lee’s storm shelters are ready to protect you and your loved ones immediately. You can decorate them up or use them a they are. Either way, your family has a safe place to go the next time a storm threatens. The door swings inward, four anchors are screwed into the ground, and all shelters are manufactured in a rigid metal form in a controlled environment. 

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